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Equipment/Facilities Sponsors

link to websitePegasus Thruster

link to websiteScuba Travel

link to websiteCamel Dive Club

link to websiteCameras Underwater


link to websiteUniversity of Plymouth

link to websiteMA Fine Art, University of Plymouth

link to websiteDAO (Disability Arts Online)

link to websiteShape Arts

link to websiteHolton Lee

link to websiteSalisbury Arts Centre

link to websiteLinkUpArts

link to websiteB-side Multimedia Arts Festival

link to websiteThe Disability Archive UK (Leeds University)

link to websiteSync Cultural Leadership programme

Primary Influences

link to websiteBill Shannon aka The Crutchmaster (main website)

link to websiteBill Shannon aka The Crutchmaster (theoretical structure)

link to websiteStelarc


Link to websiteAaron Williamson

Link to websiteKatherine Araniello

Link to websiteJu Gosling aka Ju90

Link to websiteTony Heaton

Link to websiteTrish Wheatley

Paralympic Links

Link to websiteEven Keel Project

Link to websiteExcalibur Sailing Team: Keith Harris and Jo Frith